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Zoe's Plasma Drive - 2014
Give plasma. Give life.
Be part of the bigger picture! We are launching a plasma drive in honor of Zoe's new treatment protocol. Donating plasma is easy and will help save lives. Plasma can not be manufactured. It can take up to 1000 plasma donations to treat one adult patient for a year. The process of donating plasma will give you a small glimpse of what Zoe will endure through her treatment process. However, she is small, her treatment will take longer, her lines will be larger, the risk is great and she needs you in her corner!

Donors must be in general good health
Donors must be 18 or older
Donors must weigh at least 110 lbs

IMPORTANT: Watch this video about donating plasma!

Find a center here and donate today!

Please sign our guestbook when you have become a donor and let us know you are participating in Zoe's Plasma Drive 2014.

If for any reason you can not donate plasma or would just like to donate to the Rhythm of Life Foundation to assist with Zoe's treatments, raise awareness for OMS and fund research, please use the link on this page. 

Thank you for supporting Zoe's Plasma Drive - 2014

*Please note: Zoe will not actually be receiving YOUR plasma because of the refinement process and time frame for her treatment. But, we believe that without donor plasma we would not be able to pursue this treatment option for her.
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