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All OMS Awareness Logos and designs contained in this website were designed and created by Melodie Walenius. Please feel free to use them in all POSITIVE aspects of raising awareness for kids fighting Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome. However, please do not alter, change or modify any words, colors or structure without permission. Thank you for respecting the work put into these designs and helping to spread awareness in an effort to find a cure.

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Treatments & Research
We are working diligently to gather information worldwide of different treatment protocols, their successes and failures, the families' stories and refine the efforts of treating OMS. Our mission is to find a cure for these kids. The Rhythm of Life Foundation is partnering with VCU Medical center to launch a research program for the efficacy of Plasmapheresis in OMS patients. We need to raise $1,000,000 to get us started. The cost for one child to go through the extensive protocol is well over $100,000 not including travel and lodging expenses. Please use the link here to donate to this program and help cure OMS!!
Not all OMS patients are created equal...and not all treatments will work for every patient. For some kids, none of the treatments work.
The "Gold Standard" in acute onset treatment. ACTH is a steroid used in high doses and given subcutaneously. 
Research studies have been conducted with some success in the use of Rituxan.This is typically a 4 week protocol and each infusion is done in a hospital setting.
Often used in conjunction with other treatments as a replacement therapy. It is done in a hospital or clinical setting typically every 3-4 weeks.
This is an aggressive chemotherapy approach that acts as an immuno-suppressant, especially when long term steroid use has proven unreliable.
This is a steroid often used in high pulse doses in the place of ACTH. It is also used as maintenance steroids when OMS is chronic. It is also used as a "rescue treatment" during and illness to protect the brain.
This is an uncommon approach that is currently being studied for it's use in chronic OMS patients. The process removes the malfunctioning antibodies and replaces them with donor plasma.