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All OMS Awareness Logos and designs contained in this website were designed and created by Melodie Walenius. Please feel free to use them in all POSITIVE aspects of raising awareness for kids fighting Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome. However, please do not alter, change or modify any words, colors or structure without permission. Thank you for respecting the work put into these designs and helping to spread awareness in an effort to find a cure.

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Zoe Cadence
Zoe Cadence means "Rhythm of Life." Zoe is battling a rare auto-immune disease, Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS), that was caused by Neuroblastoma cancer. She is constantly suffering from symptoms of the disease and side effects of the treatments. She receives treatment at home every day and has chemotherapy once a week. Zoe's test results show severe damage to her bones from all of her medications. But, Zoe has reached a point where we have to get more aggressive with her treatments. We've run out of options and are working with doctors to think "outside the box" for the next step in her treatment.  Zoe is currently undergoing a new treatment protocol called plasmapheresis. Our research shows that paired with the chemotherapy, plasmapheresis may allow us to induce a remission for Zoe and possibly a cure. She is an amazing little girl that endures great suffering and pain. She has a beaming personality and an infectious smile. Please keep little Zoe in your prayers.